Six updated to version 2, and has a homepage

Six has been updated to Version 2 with some important bugfixes and numerous polishes & improvements.

The game now also has a homepage at , and for folks who’ve played Six, there’s a not-very-secret secret page on the website with some beta artwork of Rose that wasn’t used in the release. Click on the little pencil pics to go to it.

Here’s a summary of the changes for Version 2:


  1. If Six was unable to create its data files for any reason it would eventually crash with runtime errors. The game now checks that it can write the files on startup and advises the player if it can’t.
  2. The game failed to store the player’s chosen volume settings. Fixed, plus now the current settings always override those of a saved game.
  3. The game could crash after a RESTORE if sounds were playing at the moment the game was saved. Fixed.
  4. If player restored a game from the front-end menu, the status bar didn’t reappear. Fixed.
  5. Game’s story description tag is now filled out properly for programs that use it.
  6. Demi’s leaf no longer disappears forever if used.
  7. There were a couple of moments where you couldn’t follow Ayla, though you should have been able to. Fixed.


  • 30+ tweaks, fixes, improvements and clarifications made to prose, in-game hinting and dialogue.

  • 18 new commands/bits of grammar understood.

  • Added a new layer of pronoun code. Pronouns typed by the player are now handled pretty well.

  • Made the maze less querulous and more helpful. If you’re taking too long, it gets easier. One maze advice message is now also explicit about the fact you can use stereo speakers to help work out which way to go.

  • Due to popular demand, Harriet can now hug Ayla.

  • Wade

Way to go with the update!

(I was going to pun and say ‘Wade to go’, but it doesn’t come across as well in text-form as it does me speaking out loud, and I thought attaching a voice recording to a forum post might be going a little bit too far.)

Thanks, and I’m pleased I was exposed to your pun :slight_smile: