Sites with text-based if-games - is they still exist?

Sry for my bad english )))

My question is very simple - is there anything sites in the English-speaking segment, where people still make interactive game like in old times - in text form? Like game-books in word or pdf-file format - not in interactive form.

Sry for make my question in you site, but I just don’t know where else I can ask such a question )

Yes there is! Here’s a big list of links: … enjoy.html

Googling for “gamebook forum” gets you even more leads to follow.


Trapped in time,

And The Blue Death, but that one doesn’t seem to be at IFDB. It’s a translation from an original French game.

There’s also this: … s-Volume-I

I may be biased because I was one of the writers, but it’s pretty dang fun :slight_smile:

In fact, there’s a whole competition for gamebooks like this, the Windhammer Prize. It’s currently running and you can still vote between now and Nov 14.

Tnx all for the answers! You have are really friendly community )