Site down?

Anyone else having trouble hitting the site? It either doesn’t load at all, or I get a variety of server errors.

Yeah, I hain’t gettin’ nuffink either!

Thanks. Thought it might be me, but I even tried it through a proxy server and got the same behavior.

We haven’t altered anything in the last couple of days. Our best guess is that the dreamhost server is under enough load that it’s having trouble running scripts, for some reason; in the past this has occasionally happened and then gone away again within a few hours. If it doesn’t, we’ll investigate further.

Thanks em.

Django is spitting out its beautiful purplish error messages.

Same problem here. Since yesterday morning at least.

Yeowch, that’s the first django error message I’ve ever seen, and it’s a beautiful mess. :slight_smile: (Which means, it seems, that the site is still misbehaving.)

The fact that it’s sometimes showing a configuration error and sometimes not responding at all implies that it’s not just a load problem.

(Possibly the load problem is secondary, a result of the script crashing and restarting on every access.)

Did anyone else see this and visit the site just to see the message?

Are there any backups or mirrors of the latest version download files? (I chose a hell of a time to try upgrading.) … ables.html

Unfortunately it’s missing the Linux versions and the Mac version has the sandbox bug. Not ideal.

Thanks. It’ll have to do until the situation improves.


Wouldn’t you know. I finally decide to get back into development and the site is down. Timing, eh?

Looks like things are back up now.

The Inform 7 online manuals are still down – both Writing With Inform and the online Recipe Book are ‘Page Not Found’.

EDIT: The downloadable versions appear to still work.