Simple way to say appropriate rank from Table of Rankings?

And again I come with another question. I’m trying to replace the default message for requesting the score (because, honestly, “You have scored 7 out of a possible 11” does not a sense make - 7 what? Apples?), but don’t know how to find out the appropriate rank from the table of rankings (I can’t round the score down to something and then compare it, since the ranks aren’t at regular intervals, e.g. 10, 20, 30, but somewhat like 6, 9, 13, 15).

EDIT: Solved it by running through the table.

Points, I think, is the understood currency of the score system.

This isn’t about understood or not. “You have scored 7 out of 11” is equivalent to saying “It is 5 old”, or “He weighs 23”. Sure, the units might sometimes be understood from the context. But they might also result in a loss of millions of dollars when someone understands imperial units while someone else writes metric.

Really? You hear “The team won 5 to 3” and think “5 to 3 what?” I mean, if you want to measure success in your game in chocolate-covered espresso beans, that’s fine, but I don’t think it’s something that trips most players up. Especially since scoring IF is so clearly artificial anyway - it doesn’t really matter what the unit is, because it’s totally arbitrary. No one is ever going to do anything with their score (except, I suppose, compare it to others).

Well… yeah. Without further context, the team may have won by scoring five goals. Or maybe they got five points. Or maybe they won five games. Or five holes. And I’m sure there are other ways to measure success in team sports.

But that was never my issue. I never said that looking at the default score message makes me go “Oh, whatever unit is this measure in?” No, I think “Oh, why oh why does this message look so unnatural?” It is a rare moment in which the scientist in me and the language major in me agree on something. It offends my aesthetic appreciation of the language.

And besides, if I had wanted to measure my game in tea cups, I would have had to deal with the exact same issue (and much sooner, too, rather than now when I can realise the need for a loop on my own). My biggest faux pas, it seems, was thinking minute changes instead of replacing the message wholesale (well, technically…).

Create a new measurement system. Call is Skore or something.

The player has a number called skore. The skore of the player is 0.

To say Rank:
  say "You have found [skore of the player] apples. There were 120 apples to find.".

I’m not sure what the problem is. Perhaps you’re better off saying

Use no scoring.

First of all, let me apologise for any insult this post will cause, but sometimes I feel like questioning other people’s basic literacy skills. Why would I want to add more cruft to my game in the form of a useless variable? Are you honestly doubting my ability to type “[score] points”? Why would “[skore in words] points” (or apples) be any better? (Not to mention that were I to use such a construction, I would most certainly measure it in points, i.e. Skore is a kind of value. 1 point specifies a skore. The player has a skore.
or something to that effect.)

And whatever possessed you to suggest “Use no scoring.” as an answer to a question that is tangentially connected to scoring? That hints at a basic inability to comprehend written text. I fear for you, my friend. Life will be very hard for you. We are not at the stage where all our communication can consist of pictograms yet.

But all of it is inconsequential, as I never had any problem with saying “[score]”. (I did note that I found the wording with the “points” missing rather unattractive as a way to explain why I even had the problem mentioned in the first post.) My problem (which, incidentally, was resolved even before the first reply, as mentioned in the first post, again) was quite clearly concerned with the Table of Rankings, i.e. a table which is clearly mentioned in the Writing with Inform manual (and, I suspect, on the same page where the “Use no scoring.” option is mentioned). But to make myself absolutely clear, I will post the relevant part of the code. And so that there are no more misunderstandings, I was looking for a way to say “[rank]”:

The my scoring rule is listed instead of the print final score rule in for printing the player's obituary.
The my scoring rule is listed instead of the announce the score rule in the carry out requesting the score rulebook.

To say rank:
	repeat through Table of Rankings in reverse order:
		if score is less than score entry:
			say rank entry;

This is the my scoring rule:
	say "You have scored [bold type][score][roman type] point[s] out of a possible maximum of [bold type][maximum score][roman type], earning you the rank of [italic type][rank][roman type].";