Simple Folding Question

I plan to write a long list of similar objects, and once I’m done I don’t need to look at them anymore. Is there a way to write them so once I’m done I can collapse them all?

class Something; // etc;
thing : Something
thing2 : Something

Just wondering after I’m done write those is there something I can put to move them out of the way so I don’t have to scroll too much.

I would say just stick them in a separate source file with any other stuff that you don’t need to look at once it’s defined. If any of the objects use plus-sign notation, just take them off and use the location property or the @ symbol. Of course adding the new file’s name to your t3make file…

Alright. And source/loading order doesn’t matter?

It does a little bit… but it’s better to put all of your templates and macros in a header file that every other source file #includes at its beginning. After that, roughly the only ordering thing you might run into is modify. The last modify in the source order takes precedence…

Class definitions can appear anywhere.

The System Manual covers stuff like this if you need the info…

But it never touches folding controls and how those things work.

I’m not a programmer (outside of TADS…) I’m not sure what you mean by folding…

The minus signs on the sides that collapse code

Are you using Workbench IDE? I don’t even know what you mean by the minus signs…

But a feature that collapsed blocks of code sounds pretty nice!

If you are using the Workbench for Windows, Code Folding can be enabled in the Edit menu. Just select “show folding controls”.

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Yes I am. I’m afraid you misunderstand me. You can’t fold multiple classes like the example in the OP.