Simple Chat for an entire scene


How do you start and conduct an entire part (not the entire game, just a very specific part…like the different parts in Photopia) with Simple Chat by Mark Tilford? As in, the entire part is all dialogue, and the player just chooses responses for the entire part. No mention of the room, no other way to interact than just typing 1, 2, 3, etc.

Also related to Simple Chat by Mark Tilford: when I add it in, there’s an error relating to Standard Rules by Graham Nelson:

[code]In Part SR3 - Activities, Section SR3/2 - Final Question in the extension Standard Rules by Graham Nelson:

Problem. You wrote ‘if the serial comma option is active, say “,”’ , but ‘serial comma option’ has the wrong kind of value: a use option rather than a chat node.

I was trying to match this phrase:

(serial comma option - chat node) is active

This was what I found out:

serial comma option = a use option

In short, there’s something wrong with the ‘if the serial comma option is active, say “,”’ part.

Thank you! :smiley:

I’m guessing, but the most likely issue here is that the compiler is giving you a bogus error message. Try changing the Settings page to the .z8 story format and recompile. I’ve seen situations where adding an extension caused an out-of-memory error that was incorrectly identified by the compiler.

Also, check to make sure you’re using the most recent version of Simple Chat. That might solve it.

There are also sometimes weird conflicts between extensions, for no apparent reason. This may be one of those situations.



regarding the error: Messages like the one you got can indicate that there is a name conflict between the Standard Rules and your code or an extension’s code. The latter is the case here, since the Standard Rules and Simple Chat use the term “active” for different things.

I don’t know whether there’s a more elegant solution, but you can fix the problem by hacking the extension:

  1. Extensions are simple text files, so you can open the file “Simple Chat.i7x” in a text editor.

  2. Search the extension’s source code for “active” and replace both occurrences with another name, for example “chat-active”. Save the modified extension.

  3. Install the modified extension from within the Inform IDE (overwriting the installed version).

– Michael

Are there any plans to fix this in the extension? I just downloaded it and ran into the same problem.

I can confirm that the “chat-active” fix solves the problem. In fact, there were only two instances of “active” in the source.

Is there a place where I could upload the fix in order to expedite its inclusion on the inform website?

  • Mike

Tentative release of version 3 at It has the “active” fix, but is mainly a style update (chat-specific stuff is moved to chat-related rulebooks instead of Instead). It should be a drop-in replacemen

As for having an extended section using Simple Chat:

  1. Have each chat node in that section forbid exiting on zero (or use the Default Forbid Exiting on Zero option).
  2. Finding Responses To should always find at least one result (until it’s time for the scene to end).

The phrase “Run a conversation from …” won’t return until the current chat node has zero active responses.