Simple Chat by Mark Tilford Problems

Hi. This is my first time writing interactive fiction, so if I have
overlooked some huge, glaring error I’m sorry.

I read the documentation about the extension and it seems pretty clear
to me, but when I typed it all down Inform couldn’t process all the
links or responses to the dialogue. For example, I typed:

Instead of giving link to lady_polite2: say “‘I’m [italic type]imeline
[roman type], just like you.’”
Instead of finding responses to lady_polite2: say “She smiles for a
second and nods for an even shorter time. This isn’t going well.”
Instead of finding responses to lady_polite2: link to lady_expolite;
lady_casual; link to lady_true1.
Instead of preparing lady_polite: do nothing.

Inform thinks all of it is an error. Here’s one:

Problem. You wrote ‘Instead of finding responses to lady_polite3’ ,
which seems to introduce a rule taking effect only if the action is
‘finding responses to lady_polite3’. But that did not make sense as a
description of an action. I am unable to place this rule into any

Also, I used to write “Deactivate link to lady_polite,” because I
looked over the source code of Fate by Victor Gijsbers, but that
didn’t work. So I changed it to “Instead of preparing lady_expolite,
lady_polite, lady_casual, lady_true1: do nothing.” But that doesn’t
work either.

I think there are other problems, but Inform doesn’t list all of them
at one time.

I’m using the same extension in my current WIP and I’m having no trouble at all. Can you send me (or post here) a minimal project that produces the problems?

Or maybe check some basic things first:

  • Have you correctly included the extension?
  • Have you defined lady_polite2 as a chat node?
  • Is that definition above the “instead of giving link…” bit?

Otherwise it might just be a missing colon or something like that. As I said, a complete project would be nice.