Simple Chat and Variables [i7 Extension]

Include Simple Chat by Mark Tilford.

Talking to is an action applying to one visible thing.

Understand "talk to [someone]" as talking to.
Report talking to: say "You have nothing to say.".

Living Room is a room. Larry is a man in Living Room.

Hello larry, hows tricks, good bye are chat nodes.

Report giving text for hello larry: instead say "Larry looks up as you approach him.".
Carry out finding responses to hello larry: link to hows tricks; link to good bye.

Report giving link to hows tricks: say "'How's tricks?' " instead.
Report giving text for hows tricks: deactivate hows tricks; say "'Just fine.'" instead.
Carry out finding responses to hows tricks: link to good bye.

Report giving link to good bye: instead say "'Good bye.' ".
Report giving link to good bye when second chat node is hows tricks: instead say "'Well then, good bye.' ".
Report giving text for good bye: instead say "'You too.'".

Instead of talking to larry: run a conversation from hello larry.

Test me with "talk to larry / 1 / 1 / talk to larry / 1 / talk to larry / 0".

How should I change this code in order to, for example, change the value of a truth state?

ExampleVar is a truth state that varies. ExampleVar is false.

Let’s say I want this variable to be true in case the player chooses to say “How’s tricks?” instead of “Goodbye.”. How could I do that?