Sim Football Game Twine Harlowe

Over quarantine I have learned how to code in Harlowe to the point were I can make anything (whether it can actually run performance wise is questionable) that’s possible in the engine with enough of a time commitment. I have been on an off about making a sim football game for awhile with all the outrage about madden. I have taken on smaller projects though and have made a run play sim and a jump ball sim but never took on the project of ootp 2021 football edition. I know I can do it, I’ve done lots of stuff similar to it but just never really dedicated myself to it. Ill end up spending 15 hours in a day, get burnt out, spend half an hour the next day, than never touch it again. Anyone have any tips for undergoing such a huge project?

Cut it in pieces somehow. After one piece is done, take atleast day or two break. Go out, drink beer or something. Large projects are allmost like work, you have to get a break of it time to time.

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Like @Ek_Bass said, break it into pieces.

What I like to do is write out a TODO list of all the things that I want to add/fix/debug. I follow the GTD method of TODO lists. You can find a probably more thorough than it needs to be description of that method here.

But basically that means you need to create a list of “actionable” items (not “think of a character name”, but rather “find list of common names of women in the 1950s and select one”). If the item is too broad (like “write battle system”), break it into chunks that you can accomplish in an afternoon (like “impliment inventory”, 'impliment status ailments", etc).

Any time you get a little idea of something you want added, jot it down in your TODO list (I keep mine on my phone for quick access). You don’t need to do anything that you’ve added. Writing it down serves the purpose of freeing your mind from the task of having to retain that thought and relieving the frustration of when you forget it.

So what I’m saying is try to stop yourself from seeing it as a large project. Instead see it as a bunch of small steps that you can finish in not a lot of time. Each one should leave you at a good stopping point so that you don’t feel guilty or frustrated for stopping for the night. Your TODO list should let you be able to pick the project right back up again days later.

Breaks are key. Don’t burn yourself out. If it feels like this is a chore, then stop for a bit. Remember that even though this is something you want to do, this is not your job. You don’t need to push yourself through your hobby. It’s okay to rest for a while.

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