Signing off

My voting ballot is in. I had a lot of fun thinking of Custom Ribbons!

I haven’t played all the games. Some just didn’t speak to me at all, some were intimidating and will be played and reviewed outside of the competition context.

Half an hour after I hit “Send” for my ballot, I got the call of duty to playtest a ParserComp game. Roll with it, I say!

I’ll try to get some TALP games squeezed in also. Most look simple and shortish, so they’ll be my inbetween snacks.


Thanks for all your hard work! Your reviews have been a joy to read.


Many thanks. I’ll see about writing a few more full length reviews for IFDB while the Spring games are still fresh in my mind.

On the other hand, my brain is aching for some late '90s parser action too…

We’ll see.