Sigmund's Quest

Sigmund’s Quest

Gregor Holtz


Summary: Likeable, lightweight, unfinished

(There are no spoilers.)

This is an unfinished game. Although it is said to be inspired by “point and click” adventures, the inspiration only extends to the (in some ways, charming) graphics. The actual game is pure text, with a rather clunky interface, since you have to keep hiding and unhiding the text to see the pictures.

Not much happens, and there is nothing much to do, except for making a few small choices and watching some story unravel. The really disappointing thing is that the game ends just as it is really getting starting, with a “to be continued” message. One certainly never gets anywhere near the “incest and werewolves” that the blurb promises.

One can understand how that might be: there must have been quite a lot of work go into the graphics, and to produce a full length piece would have been labour intensive no doubt. But what’s actually been produced is really only a taster. It’s not attempting anything remotely ambitious, but if it had been extended it might have amounted to something charming.

So this needs (a) a thorough re-thinking of the interface and (b) much more material. As it stands it won’t make much impact: it is, as the author’s website says, a “working demo” of a game, and not a properly finished game.