I now get this every fucking time i try to View Active Topics.

Yes, the server load has gotten very bad lately. We are actively looking into Big Changes that hopefully will resolve this!

How are those big changes coming? I now find that I can barely get the forum to load 60-80% of the time, with a 503 error (“Out of memory”)

I notice it happens when a lot of people are online. I got a “cannot use search” and looked at the bottom of the page and it said there are 91 users engaging the forum. I expect max load is probably “evening” for US and Europe timezones.

Changes are happening. It’s a matter of people who have busy schedules getting time to do the things that need to happen. Unfortunately I’m not one of the people with the skills to make the things happen. If one of them is able to give a time frame it will be more accurate than anything I can explain, but we’re all ready and eager for this.