Sierra revived by Activision - will Infocom be next?

Well, stranger things have happened. Who ever thought, for example, that Activision would ever do anything with the Sierra label? And yet this has happened.

So, will Activision bother to resurrect Infocom? Probably not, as it’s an older and (despite what we may want it to be) far more obscure label (and the trademark’s currently not even theirs). But it is still a possibility.

Interesting times, possibly, interesting times.

Wow. Certainly interesting.

Infocom? Well, there’s a LToI app in the iOS AppStore, so I’m actually thinking… who knows!

Unfortunately most gamers today probably remember Sierra only as the publisher of Half-Life and FEAR.

Certainly that’s what a lot of the comments linked to this news bring up. But it’s more likely related to their older games - and Gabriel Knight is a particular candidate right now due to the 20th anniversary remake being made.

Oh, don’t make me salivate!

There’s also this: … 9403930624 - so things are looking very interesting indeed. Hopefully things’ll turn out as good as they look like they might.

Pretty stupidly, I suppose, I was hoping for ‘Wizard & The Princess 2014’ when I clicked that first link.


Hah! That would be something. :smiley:

King’s Quest VI reboot, a first person view cover shooter starring Prince Alexander. Using fictional gun-inspired medieval weaponry, he must blast his way through the Green Isles to destroy the vizier and rescue his love Cassima.

Rated Matured by the ESRB on account of realistically portrayed brutal violence and strong language.