Shuffling Around: tester request for if2012 entry (wordplay)


This is a request for another tester or two for a game I’d like to submit to IFComp 2012. Five people have currently tested it, and they’ve been very valuable and observant, but each has found different new stuff, and I bet a sixth or seventh would, too.

I would be happy with someone straight-up playing the game, someone using the walkthrough, or someone concentrating on certain parts I fear might break, based on how much time they have or how much they like the game.

Also, anyone who could PM or post another place to look for another tester or two would be greatly appreciated. I know is good, but I was curious if there was somewhere else I had missed.

As mentioned it’s a wordplay game but hopefully it’s got working humor, too.

PM me, or mail me at if you’re interested. Thanks any and all.

Thanks for the quick PM/mail responses! I don’t know if I can juggle any more testers at this point, so people looking for any old game to test may wish to move on to another game. The offers are appreciated.