ShuffleComp hint request: 50 Shades of Jilting

Anyone find any somewhat obscure commands that work for this one? I seem to be stalled at 49. Thanks!

I’m amazed you found that many! I tapped out after finding ~30.

The “commands” command helped me a bit!

Did you try


Got that one, but not



Ahh, that lousy last point!

38 here.

I got seriously demoralised by realising that it’s a verb hunt. Unlike the game about smoking in the last shufflecomp, without any hints, this is about how many verbs you can dream up. And after I dreamed up a significant number of verbs that the game didn’t recognise or the author hadn’t implemented though Inform recognised them… interest petered out.

I was surprised to see so many throwbacks to not one but two classics.

I almost feel like it’s a cross between AISLE and THREEDIOPOLIS.

Gosh, it was hard to keep my trap shut during the judging period. Thanks everybody for taking the time to spend a little time with my creation and the 50 short stories I wrote about the incredibly un-fun experience of breaking up.

This was my first I7 attempt and as noted elsewhere, an Aisle-alike isn’t the best choice for a first game there since most of my coding time was spent unravelling all of the text parser’s helpful default behavior. (There were a few places where I just couldn’t get the override to stick, like UNDO and AGAIN – any suggestions would be gratefully received!) As for the limited verbs implemented… 50 short stories! Why couldn’t that song have been called “15 ways to leave your lover”? I was hoping for time to come up with ~75 (with the game “won” after any 50 of them were met) but found myself stalled at 49 the morning of the submission deadline and thankful to have at least reached a minimal milestone. (After further study of my precedents in the one-move-storygame genre, I can see that I would likely want to have as many as 150 endings. I can do that, but it will take more time 8)

If there were any inputs whose omission or oversight affronted you boldly, please share and I will make sure to attend to them.

Sorry for prioritizing some of the strange old jokes over likely inputs – I wrote those early on, thinking that I’d have plenty of time to write as much as I liked. (Then I got booked for an unexpected week of full-time work. Most of this game was actually written during coffee breaks, so a lot of my authorial satisfaction with this piece is tempered with a certain amount of “considering the circumstances…”)

Using code straight out of the I7 documentation, triggering the ending worked sometimes as intended and sometimes not – sometimes it wouldn’t happen until you tried something else while idling at “0 ways remaining”. Supposing I can’t figure out how to make that code work the way I want to, a future release of the game (oh yes, there will definitely be one) will probably dish up a scripted “lousy last point” ending automatically after 49 endings have been triggered.

Any further comments would be very welcome! This was a lot harder to put together than my earlier Twine project, but Inform 7 is a lot more satisfying to work with than my previous text parser efforts in the '90s with the Adventure Game Toolkit 8) (More challenging to find the precise phrasing needed to deliver the intended results, but a much more satisfying spectrum of results are possible!)