ShuffleComp Disc 2 pseudonyms

I’m really curious about who wrote some of these! So I’ll start things off: I wrote Starry Seeksorrow as Ayla Rose.

caleb! That’s twice now that you’ve made my favorite ShuffleComp game. [emote]:)[/emote]

Hey, thanks!

I wrote Pool Dominator as Destiny Spearmint.

Do I have your permission to try to work this into casual conversation?

(I didn’t write anything due to massive scope creep. I might try to write the thing I was going to write later though!)

Peter Berman and I co-wrote “To Spring Open” as Two-Bit Chip.

Also, we’d like to thank Sam Kabo Ashwell and Yune Kyung Lee for beta-testing. We didn’t list them in the initial release because Yune’s inclusion as beta tester would have been a dead giveaway for my involvement (she’s my sister).

I wrote When the Land Goes Under the Water as Nikephoros de Kloet.

My alter-ego is NPR correspondent Carlos Percival Saldanha, who wrote Submerge.

I submitted that pseudonym. Please tell me that’s the name of an actual NPR correspondent; would be some severe cryptomnesia on my part.

Hi! I’m not a pseudonym. I wrote The Mayor and the Machine.

My pseudonym was “Cosmic Hamster.”

Many thanks, Neil, for organizing this!

And I was “Alex Davies”!
Thanks a lot, Neil, for organizing this, and thanks a lot to authors and reviewers too!

The 259 pseudonyms are available at


Wicks Cherrycoke and Scarsdale Vibe? I wonder which entry was Thomas Pynchon’s…

Don’t forget Roger Mexico, Jessica Swanlake, Chick Counterfly, Lake and Webb Traverse…

Hi I am Jacques Frechet hmm wait.

I wrote False Mavis as Litany Brisket. Very lucky pseudonym for a song/game about getting burned at the stake.

For IFWiki purposes, how would you like your name to appear? Ted C.?