Show current room description?

Hi. Is there a code that shows the current room description? I’m trying to make a command to erase all the text in the screen and automatically show the room description:

erasing is an action applying to nothing.
understand “erase” as erasing.
report erasing:
clear the screen;
[Here would go the current room description].

I’d like to know if there’s a code for such a thing. Specially because I’d use it in other kind of things, like scenes.

“Try looking” is the best way to do this.

I tried, but I don’t know how to put that looking code in the erasing verb. After typing erase, I have to type look, but I want just to put erase.

“Report erasing: clear the screen; try looking.”

Thanks, now the erasing verb works! I’m really new with inform 7, so I didn’t know that I have to type “try” before the verb.

“Try” is there because you’re instructing Inform to have the player try the action and abide by rules - you don’t want the action to occur if it wouldn’t work based on the world state. (“Try looking” won’t work if the room is dark, for example). You can also use it for NPCs: “Try Bob examining the stone” with a similar effect (in most cases, the “persuasion” rules won’t let you order the NPCs around, so you have to write rules there as well. (A persuasion rule for Bob examining the stone: persuasion succeeds.) Persuasion is just the NPC’s willingness to attempt an action; “try” still ensures that Bob can’t examine the stone if it’s inside a locked box.