Should I Continue Posting Reviews Here?

If the mods don’t want me to post reviews here, could they at least explain why? This is the review section of the forum. As far as I can see, I’m the only one who’s posting criticism in any serious shape or form.

Post reviews. Don’t make other accounts.

Perhaps some sort of sockpuppet subforum is in order, where his personalities can hang out, ponder verities, humbly but sincerely congratulate one another, etc.

Isn’t this something you should decide for yourself? I mean, we all have it on pretty good authority that writing is all about making choices.

Why not?

Because he’s now banned.

In a weird and hard-to-describe manner, I’m sad to hear that. Or, at least somewhat melancholic.


I guess we all get to decide what “serious” means for ourselves.

Wait, seriously?

Yep. Check out the “Competitions” board, James’ thread.