short ifcomp parser game (30 mins?) needs testing

I always seem to leave it late asking for testing. But fortunately in this case there’s not much to test. In fact, the game is z-machine and has a map and walkthrough. (My excuse? I got sidetracked with another possible game/idea and forgot about this til almost too late.)

This is a game not meant to be too confusing, but there are a couple puzzles and mechanics and alternate walkthroughs I need people to check off on. Even just reading the walkthrough is a big help. So, anyone who can, I’d be most grateful and maybe able to trade back testing over the weekend!

PM me if interested, or if you know my gmal, send it there.

Thanks all.

Okay, you’ve got a day and a half. If you want a final look-over, PM me with the game attached.