Short Games Showcase 2023: Results!

Thank you to everyone who entered and voted in the Short Games Showcase! We were blown away by how much attention this new event got, and we’re glad people seem to have enjoyed it. We think the set of winning games is a testament to how diverse and vibrant the field of short IF can be.

You can see the full ranking on IFDB here, but we would like to congratulate the winners! Since you can only @ ten people per post, I’ll be breaking this up into a couple of posts to make sure all winners can be notified.

Best in Show
1st place (tie): free bird. by @malacostraca
1st place (tie): Solkatt_ by @BenyDanette
3rd place: After the Accident by @AmandaB

Best Use of Short Form
1st Place: free bird. by @malacostraca
2nd Place (tie): Buck Rockford Heads West by @J_J_Guest
2nd Place (tie): ConfigurationUploader by @cchennnn
2nd Place (tie): In a minute there is time by @pieartsy
2nd Place (tie): vanitas by sweetfish


Best Use of Interactivity
1st Place: Solkatt_ (english version) by @BenyDanette
2nd Place: Three Things by @LapinLunaireGames
3rd Place: ConfigurationUploader by @cchennnn

Best Story-Focused Game
1st Place: After the Accident by @AmandaB
2nd Place (tie): The Last Mountain by @dee_cooke
2nd Place (tie): A Meeting in the Dark by @cchennnn
2nd Place (tie): InGirum_English by @BenyDanette


Best Puzzle-Focused Game
1st Place: NEST by @Afterward
2nd Place: free bird. by @malacostraca
3rd Place: An Eggcellent Preparation by @manonamora

Most Replay Value
1st Place: Your Body a Temple or the Postmodern Prometheus by @OverThinking
2nd Place: You’re a Time Agent! by @alyshkalia
3rd Place: Infinite Space Battle Simulator by @cchennnn

Congratulations to all the winners! (And a special shout-out to Autumn Chen for entering three games and placing in at least one category with each of them. She’s got range!)


Congrats to all winners! Loads of great short games this year!
It was so fun to (re)play them all!


Congratulations, everyone! Thanks for writing so many fun games!


This was really fun, and a great way to get a few more eyes on the short games that might get overlooked. Thanks for putting it together, @EJoyce and @Encorm!

Very satisfying to see how closely the results aligned with my votes.


Yay, congrats everyone, and thanks to @EJoyce and @Encorm for organizing! I really enjoyed playing these games, and am glad to see a lot of my favorites on this list. In a way, I think this showcase can function as a friendly, low-barrier entry point to the range of stories, platforms, voices, modes, etc. within IF–an amuse-bouche, if you will (not-so-subtle plug for recipe jam ;). Hopefully we can look forward to a Short Games Showcase 2024!


Congratulations all!

freebird. by passerine definitely deserves its many awards.


Yeah, I felt like there were 2 things that were very obviously winners for me: best overall to free bird and best puzzles to NEST. The rest were a little harder because there were so many good candidates.


Owh… :heart_hands:Thank you so much I really didnt expect that !! Good job everyone! It was a good year indeed, a lot of interesting projects and talentuous writers.


!!! Congratulations to everybody, and big big thank yous to @EJoyce and @Encorm for organising! Feeling really lucky to be in the same swimming pool with such marvelous people and the games they make.


Wow, I’m honored! Thanks to everyone who played free bird, and thanks to @EJoyce and @Encorm for putting this event together. It was a lot of fun revisiting the year’s short games!

(I’m a little late seeing this news because most of my day was dedicated to rescuing an injured crow. Life imitates art?)


Congratulations to all. There were so many I enjoyed, it was hard picking just one for the vote in each category!


Congrats everyone, and echoing the thanks to E. Joyce and Encorm for running this! It was great to have an opportunity to get my first IF piece (You’re a Time Agent!) in front of more players, given that I released it before I knew things like this forum, IF jams/comps, and IFDB existed. So great to see that people have enjoyed it!


Thank you to @EJoyce and @Encorm for organising this showcase, and to everyone who voted. I’ve often thought it would be nice if previously released games could get a second chance in the spotlight, the way old paintings are curated for themed exhibitions. This showcase proves that it can work.