Share your hilarious play fails

this is me playing Spider and Web by Andrew Plotkin

irritating typos:

i’m really sorry!!!


I can’t share specifics as the game is not out yet, but the other day I was testing a game and after 165 moves still hadn’t got out of the first room. Even if the game is tweaked to reduce chances of this happening in future, with the amount of experience I have, I felt a bit silly.



re-enactment of the first time I played savoire-faire:

me: examines everything in the first accessible rooms in the house
me: man I’ve explored what little there is so far and… I’m stuck already. let me type a hint

> hint

(…) Otherwise, this game is fairly cruel – it is possible to render the game unwinnable, and you should save often, especially when you realize that you are about to destroy an object you may not be able to get back.

me: hmm…I have this snuffbox and there’s a well…I wonder if the game will let me…

> drop snuffbox in well

You put the snuffbox into the well.
The snuffbox sinks into oblivion.

me: oh.