Shameless plug and game announcements

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to show you some writing I’ve been doing and talk about some ADRIFT games I’ll be releasing soon. I’ve recently had a 90 word micro-fiction about mutant seagulls published here, a short horror story about a sleep deprived researcher, a voice-to-text machine, and a yeti published here, and I put up a little horror/comedy about a cursed keyboard on my blog, here. So: a little reading to distract you when you find the time and inclination.

I’m also preparing to release a couple of games for ADRIFT 4: Back Home (horror; originally by James Webb, it will be re-released as a collaboration) and The Hyperbola (a longer, but rather silly and surreal piece). The former should be out earlier than the latter, I expect. If you liked The Woods Are Dark, I suspect you will probably like Back Home. If you liked Invasion of the Second-Hand Shirts, you will probably like The Hyperbola.

That’s all for now!