Shadowolf's Activity-based Simple Chat

Hi guys, does anyone know if Shadowolf has updated his chat mod to the latest version of Inform 7, and if so, where I could get hold of a copy? At the moment all my chat nodes are written for his mod, so I really kinda need it. :confused: If not, is there anyone who can recommend a chat system to use? So far Shadowolf’s really seems like the best but it doesn’t show up on google.

When I tried this version I was able to get it up and running in 6L02 by globally replacing “giving text for” with “giving text about.” It’s still not fully with the 6L02 program because the error messages aren’t done as responses, but that should work.

I have a message below about an apparent bug, but again, if you take that copy of the extension and change “giving text for” with “giving text about” throughout, I think it’ll compile.

For anyone who’s reading this and is interested in 6L38 bugs:
It seems to be a bug in 6L02 that activity names can’t end with “for.” This failed to compile in 6L02:

[code]Lab is a room.

Peering for something is an activity on numbers.

Rule for peering for a number (called n): say “Yep, [n] is there.”

When play begins: carry out the peering for activity with 2.[/code]

with the error message that it couldn’t understand “peering for.” But when I changed “peering for” to “peering about” it compiled. I don’t want to file a bug against 6L02 in case it’s been fixed, and I don’t have 6L38 installed, but if anyone can reproduce this on 6L38 can you file it? (Apologies if it’s already filed–searching for “For” in the bug tracker wasn’t helpful.)

Oh cool, thanks, it seems to compile so far! Had to change the Chat Nodes too, but it seems to work 0k. By the way, do you know if Aaron Reed is updating the Player Experience Upgrade? I’m amazed that wasn’t integrated. :stuck_out_tongue: