Shadow 2.0 Deluxe

The Shadow in the Cathedral has been updated with new maps and is now on for $1.99.



Very good news. You say “Deluxe”, so let me ask - is it still a Glulx file or is it the same format as Jack Toresal?

(while I’m at it, I’d welcome a Glulx release of Jack Toresal. Wink)

I should clarify the contents, but it’s just the plain glulx version.


I plan to re-release Secret Letter in the GUI Silverlight book form shortly.

A glulx release is more difficult, but I’m working on it.


Brill. Purchasing.

(I’m going to pass on the whole “I’m buying what I already paid for” thing. It’s cheap and I still want to support everything Textfire related, even if it’s on its last breath)