Setting the initial room where play begins. (I7)

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In the documentation, Example 4, “Port Royal 1” it says:

Unfortunately since I have started using regions, I7 considers that the room where play begins is a different room to the one I want, but alas! (so far as I can see) the documentation does not tell me how to “arrange otherwise.”

I have already tried “Forest clearing is the room where play begins,” but the compiler spat that, and similar variations on a theme out. Please could someone tell me the magic words?



“The player is in the forest clearing.” :slight_smile:

Yaay! :smiley: It works it works it works! (Added as a bald statement at the start of my “Geography” chapter, where I have all my rooms defined.)

Thanks Draconis!


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The reason could be that you might not recognize the part where the room is defined. The room will be defined the first time it is mentioned, not necessarily where the “X is a room” declaration is.

So if you have for example:

[code]The old forest is a region. The footpath is in the old forest. The forest clearing is in the old forest.

The forest clearing is a room.
The footpath is a room.
…then the footpath is the first room because it was mentioned (and therefore defined) first in the code.