Setting pronouns from an object

I am sorry to ask such a basic question, but I’m stumped. How do I override the ADV3lite library’s default idea about what pronouns refer to?

For instance:

You can see a jar here.

>x jar
A jar. 

>open jar
Opening the jar reveals some slime.

>x it
A jar. The jar is open and contains some slime.

Whereas one might rather think (in English at least) that “it” in this context would be the slime, not the jar.

Can one persuade ADV3lite that “it” should be the slime? The equivalent of “set pronouns from” in Inform?

(In fact, the example I have here is not what I have in mind: I rather want a particular action to substitute objectB for objectA, but I want the pronouns to be set for objectB, as if there had been no change. So I’m really interested in the general case – some basic way to set pronouns.)

I’m not familiar with Lite, but in adv3 when you mention some object in description which shoud change the meaning of him/her/it, you can call me.setHim/Her/It(object). So in an actual source code it would be:

jar: Thing dobjFor(Open) { action() { inherited; "Opening the jar reveals some slime.<<me.setIt(slime)>> "; } } ;

In Adv3Lite acording to documentation it seems you should:

"Opening the jar reveals some slime.<<It.setAntecedents(slime)>> ";

But I’m not sure as I can’t test it right now.

Brilliant. That (tested) is exactly what I needed, and when I look in the Reference Guide (once I know where to look, thanks to you!) it’s all explained. Thank you.