Server Move

The “new hardware” we were moved to after the first two crashes proved to not be as stellar as promised. There was a period of downtime of about 9 hours from Thursday night to Friday morning, with no explanation given. When it came back up, the server time was over 12 hours off, showing Thursday around 12:30 PM as the time, even though it should have been Friday at 6:30 AM.

When my server was dedicated (back when Lunatix Online was a cash cow), I had full access to change the server clock (even set up a cron job to auto-sync via ntpdate), but on a VPS you can’t do that. So I sent another support ticket. Later Friday afternoon it was down for a couple more hours, then came back up even worse than before, showing September 11th (almost two weeks ago) as the system date.

They seem to have fixed it, but in the meanwhile I decided to stop being lazy and just find other hosting. The old host was through WingSix, with the VPS apparently owned by I was able to set up a VPS with, move everything, and it all seems to be working. I’ll continue to make automatic backups every morning, just in case.

I certainly can’t recommend hosting through or As of right now, I never received a single answer to my support tickets, nor any kind of explanation about what happened on the MidPhase status page.

Thanks for handling this Merk :slight_smile:

They did (finally) respond, but it’s too little too late. They said there was some kind of licensing issue. I wonder if some part of the VPS or the software that runs it had expired, wouldn’t load, and ultimately they set the date backward while waiting on an updated license. Just guesswork, but that’s all the info I have.

So far, the new server seems to outperform the old one anyway, and it was only a couple dollars more expensive.