Sensing a room and things

I started implementing the verb “Sense”. Basically anything that has magical power can be sensed. It can be a room, it can be a person or an object.

I tried first with this:

A room has some text called kata aura. The kata aura of a room is usually "I cannot detect anything here".

Kanemitsu Rock is a room. The kata aura of Kanemitsu Rock is "There is a very low level of kata that comes from the waterfall. Aside from that, you are unable to sense anything else."

Sensing is an action applying to nothing.

Understand "Sense" or "Sense area" as sensing.

After sensing:
    Say "[kata aura of the room]"

But this is not working. If I test it by changing to kata aura of Kanemitsu Rock, then it would work, but when I try to make it more general, it gives me the error message: Problem. In the sentence ‘Say “[kata aura of the room]”’ , it looks as if you intend ‘kata aura of the room’ to be a property, but ‘a room’ is not specific enough about who or what the owner is.

I am trying to adapt this from the listening example “The Art of Noise”

Any ideas of what is wrong here?


There is no “the room”, there are a bunch of rooms. Or, in this case, one room. Did you mean “the location”? (That refers to the player’s location.)

That is exactly right. I was trying to refer to the player’s location.

And you were right, I changed it to “the location” and it works.