Seltani: Bluedorn

My intention was to enter this in the Age Jam, but I got distracted.

Visit Bluedorn here. If a docent is on hand, ask for a tour.

Yay! Thanks.

I can’t work out whether there’s actually some puzzle I can solve here (especially with the lights and crystals) or whether it’s more meant as an entertaining diorama (or possibly I actually need multiple people in there?).

Oh man we definitely need multiple people! Multiple users are what MUDs are all about!

I’ll be hanging around ready to give tours for a while this afternoon but maybe we as a society should try to schedule something further in advance. (A tour of Bluedorn shouldn’t take more than half an hour. Probably?)


It’s very flattering to know that someone thought there could be an actual puzzle in there.

To be fair I’d just spent like three hours totally failing to solve Salvanas using a prolog program to figure out the challenge I thought was there, but which seems to be not the challenge at all. So my faith in my ability to detect what I’m supposed to be doing was at a low ebb.

There was a tour earlier this evening and it was a lot of fun! My intent is that there will be another tour later this week. Watch this space!

Oh, good. I was happy to hear of the first one and will be happier to hear of another at a time I can attend. :slight_smile:

(The elephant seals of Ano Nuevo say hi. Or “HTUNK-TUNK-TUNK-GRONK”.)

(Also, Salvanas is nowhere near complicated enough to require Prolog. Although the idea you thought I had is probably way cool, and maybe we should build it…)

Yeah, I did eventually work out what was going on with the pillars and plaques. It was indeed way way less complicated than my Prolog-requiring idea.

Since Ryan’s tour was a lot of fun and it was great to see some other people in Seltani, and since multiplayer IF was a big topic in the December theoryclub chat, I’m wondering whether it would make sense one of these months to schedule a tour of selected Seltani ages together (selecting some global-access ones, presumably) and then discuss afterward?

January is spoken for – we’re doing a discussion on IF curation including comps, shows, anthologies, and zines – but Feb 21 is available, and later months could also be arranged, if this is in fact something that folk are interested in.

I’ve very tentatively scheduled a tour of Bluedorn for Thursday at 7 PM CST. There’s an associated Google+ event for those who find that sort of thing helpful.

Looking at other Ages for group visits, I’d suggest Xical. I haven’t been able to solve its puzzle or puzzles, but I have an inkling that working with a team would be productive.

I can’t make Thursday, Friday or Saturday should work… not that my schedule is paramount here.

Since Xical is a puzzle, I’m not going to give a tour in the sense of showing people around and explaining how it works. But if a group goes in, I’d be interested in silently tagging along. (And, I guess, discussing it after everyone is satisfied they know what’s up.)

The 7 PM Thursday time is looking like more and more of a sure thing. There should also be a tour sometime this weekend. Probably.

There was another tour tonight and it went great! Mysteries were uncovered.

My current plan is to do another tour at 7 PM Central on Saturday. Here is the Google+ event to that effect. I can easily change that time, though.

Thanks for the tour! Sorry I ghosted out. I was forcibly kidnapped IRL. It got better though.

Same here! I hope to make Saturday’s tour.

Woo! Mysteries! I will definitely be there on Saturday. (8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific?)

That is correct!

Tonight’s tour was bonkers! We had a great time, partially because so many people showed up. I think we had like eight?!?!

People had a lot of cool suggestions, and I just got done adding bags of popcorn that you can carry around the museum to munch on as you learn science. My implementation is probably way stupider than what Zarf had in mind, but it works, or appears to work. Other things will be changing soon, even if none of them are as neat as popcorn.

I know at least one person was planning on attending this tour and didn’t make it, so there should probably be at least one more tour, right? But I don’t know when it will be.

I know I’m up for a tour! (As soon as I reset my Seltani password, that is…)