Seltani at IndieCade 2015

Seltani, my quirky text-based Twine-style Myst-Online-fan-world MUD project, has been selected as a IndieCade festival nominee!

(Among many other recent indie wave-makers such as Her Story, Kerbal Space Program, Plug & Play, and Prune.)

This means I will be in Los Angeles for the IndieCade festival (October 23 to 25) to demo it.

This will be fun! And scary. I have achieved a different kind of quasi-celebrity than the kind I’m used to.

Congratulations, zarf! That is HUGE. You’re gonna be in the firehouse! Should be a damn good time with damn good company.

Seltani is glorious. Great to hear it’s getting recognized. Funny, engaging, with a gentle learning curve, addictive complexity, and the kind of content-reflecting-theme delight IF was born for.

Hope Culver City treats you right. Have you been there before? I’m a local, if I can be of use–although I expect you can find your way around its one street…

Will you have anyone with you in the firehouse for, well, crowd management?



Baf has offered to help out, so I won’t be entirely solo-ing this.

Sounds solid. Good luck! Hope you have an awesome time.