Seeking Testers For Parser Comp Entry "Xanix - Xixon Resurgence"

I am seeking testers for my ADRIFT game “Xanix - Xixon Resurgence” (XXR) which I hope to enter into the 2023 Parser Comp. It can be played on the ADRIFT Runner, FrankenDrift and Fabularium.

This game is the 9th in the “Alaric Blackmoon” series and has Duke Alaric and King Kelson travelling through a desert to investigate reports of Xixon lizardmen being sighted. This game is a two player game and you will have to switch between the two main characters in order to complete the game.

It is an “old school” game and is quite large, but there are hints and a walkthrough.

If you can spare some time to playtest XXR please send me a PM.

Many thanks for reading this.


The Xixon will not let you smell it unless you test the game.

You send Larry a PM asking to send you a testing copy of his new game.


Oh! “Xixón” is the name in Asturian language of the spanish city of “Gijón” near where I live :smiley:

Strange people there but not fully lizard ¬.¬

Multicharacter games rules! :wink: