Seeking testers for IFComp narrative twine game

Hello! Looking for anyone willing to check out my game. It’s a lengthy fantasy narrative which might take a while to complete, so I’m happy for anyone to have a look at as much as they can manage and give feedback on that. I’m a complete novice, so the (limited) code is undoubtedly a mess, but I think at this point it’s functional. There’s a little art and I’m planning to add more, and a couple very simple minigames which are slowed down for testing, planning to make the timers shorter for the actual release. Here’s the blurb:

Deep in Kingthrall caves, monsters dwell. The crown has offered a large reward to anyone who can destroy them.

You are probably not the quester anyone had in mind, but you’re desperate, and that has made you determined. Enter the caves. Argue with the creatures from your nightmares. Discover a war nobody on the surface knew about. Hear the dead God speak. Bring down the Hydra King, or fall in the attempt…

Fantasy, about 70k words, choice-based.

Thanks to anyone interested!


Is it playable on an Android phone?

Sort of. When I try on my phone, the images don’t work for reasons I haven’t figured out yet, which would make the minigames pretty much impossible to play, but they’re skippable. Otherwise I can’t think of anything which wouldn’t work.

I’m actually not a fan of choice games. But the background story sounds interesting. I first wanted to test it on my phone, but I want to try the mini-games, so I’d like to play it on my desktop PC.

I’m in. PM me a link to the game (download or web play). Or post the link publicly here.

I ask the other members of this forum please help this newbie author and me on playtesting it.