Seeking testers for Dolores & the Cave - short Twine horror

Hello! I’ve created my first-ever interactive horror game in Harlowe Twine and would be very grateful for beta testers on desktops/mobiles.

It’s a short ten-minute game with multiple endings.

Many thanks in advance.

Dolores and the Cave is online freeware and can be played here:

Hi! I played through “Dolores and the Cave”, the premise was interesting. Here are my notes:

I’m injured. I need to stabalise my wounds…
stabalise = stabilize

A index finger is worth something

Chris, their name was. They had always been so kind to you.
They should be he or she, Misery knows Chris’ sex. Using “they” as a singular pronoun also sounds jarring to readers.


There should be more names given to the player during the adventure as red herrings for Misery’s identity, it’s too obvious even if one isn’t following the plot.

I hope that this is useful to you! I enjoyed your game.

Hi, that’s so helpful of you, thank you very much for taking the time to play!

My pleasure :slight_smile: