Seeking second round of testers for ParserComp 2022 game 'Things that Happened in Houghtonbridge'

Hi all - my originally-Spring-Thing-now-ParserComp game is finally ready for another round of testing! Following feedback from the first round of testers back in March, I’ve almost completely revamped it and it’s now a very different game. It’s an Adventuron game, roughly 2-3 hours in playtime (I think), a walkthrough is provided and you don’t have to play through the whole thing - any and all testing is welcome. Message me if you’re interested :slight_smile:


Second round of testers???

Arghhhh!!! That shows me how delayed am I with mine!


Anyway I will search some time to spy your original Spring-Thing release √.√


I didn’t release it in Spring Thing in the end, so been working on it for ParserComp instead! Good luck with yours :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah! I was crazy searching it in this year, and then in previous ones, and wondering if you changed the name! XD

That Spring-Thing page needs a “search by name in all years” tool @.@

I will wait then : ) Good luck to you too! See you in “the arena”!