Seeking bughunters to verify fix for last lousy bug in Inform6 Standard Library 6.12.5

It comes down to this last lousy bug in how personal pronouns are handled in the Standard Library and I think I have finally solved it. I would very much like some people (as many as reasonably possible) to beat on the library to see if this fix broke anything. So far I haven’t found any side-effects.

The bug and how to get my proposed solution are described in


honestly, there was a jumping out from a FOR cycle ?? no wonder that this is a nasty bug…

Concur and agree on the need of a large and ample ßtest of this solution,
I’ll see if I can set a debug environment… (I have inform 6.35 (in development) as most recent inform 6)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

This does not seem to break the pronoun management of the French version.
If in French we obviously have no problem with HER, there are other very nice ones. For example:
“la” is a definite article
“la” is also a personal pronoun, and it can designate an animate or inanimate object.
Not so easy for the library.