Seeking Beta Testers for Spring Thing Submission.

Hi all. I’m looking for some people who might be interested in beta testing my game for submission in Spring Thing 2014.

The Game:
The game is entitled “Weekend At Ruby’s” and is an open environment, puzzle/comedy game set at a house party. The gameplay is semi-linear, in that multiple objectives can be pursued simultaneously and in any order, although there will come points where you will need to have completed a certain percentage of one path to make progress on another.

The game is relatively lengthy and may require a number of hours on more than one evening to complete, depending on how difficult you find the puzzles.

The game contains occasional coarse language as well as references to sex, alcohol, and illicit drugs, and therefore is not suitable for children.

The game was written using Quest 5.4 so at the moment only Windows users will be able to test. We have developed it such that it uses it’s own standalone player, so even if you do not have Quest or any desire to install it, the game will still be able to be played. Please indicate whether you would prefer to receive the standalone version (significantly larger file size), or whether you would like only the .quest file. We are looking into ways to make the standalone version work for mac users, so I may put out another testing request for that at a later date.

If you are interested or if you have any further questions you can email me at or if you prefer, by PM or here in this thread. I’m looking for about 3-6 people with a range of abilities and experience so please let me know how familiar you are with playing other IF games, how much experience you have at making games of your own, and whether you have beta tested other games before. The only thing I ask of testers is that you are as brutal and pedantic as you can be in your attempts to break the game and in pointing out problems or omissions within it.

Once I have enough volunteers I will be contacting you by email with a copy of the game in the version you prefer.

Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help.