Seeking beta testers for puzzly, parser-based games for SeedComp [Need Met. Thanks!]

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for some beta testers for my SeedComp game The Magic Word. It’s an Inform parser game that’s heavy on old-fashioned puzzles (a lot of mechanical or logical things) and light on story. It’s kind of a metagame about older text-adventure-style games. The puzzles are probably difficult overall. I imagine the playtime is 2-3 hours. (But it’s pretty difficult for me to accurately assess either of those.) I’ve made an InvisiClues webpage for hints so people wouldn’t feel hopelessly stuck. Please PM if you’re interested–I’d really appreciate some help, as I’ve never made a puzzle-heavy game before. Thanks!


Real excited to get my claws in this. And honoured that a small seed of mine prompted you into creating an entire game.



I love testing puzzle parser games, but I think my commitments are maxed out right now. If you send me a file I might be able to do a single run though…


I just reread the seed. It has an unusual premise, tinged with the Rovarsson trademark humour, so it will be interesting to see how you deal with it.

I couldn’t do this one myself, as I had no idea what colour octarine is. Hmm, I suppose I should Google it.

(Goes off to Google it…)

I’m back. According to discworld at fandom, “Octarine, also known as the Colour of Magic or the King Colour, was the eighth colour of the Discworld spectrum. It was visible only to wizards and cats. It is described in The Colour of Magic as the colour of imagination and is a fluorescent greenish yellow-purple (using all the primary colours).”

Aha, so it’s a tribute to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. Interesting.


Nah. I just threw that in as a little Pratchett in-joke. As it happens, in Dutch we have a word for another hard-to-define colour. Appelblauwzeegroen → Apple blue sea green. If this were a word in English, I might have used that instead.


Hi again all–Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s contacted me. I think I’ve got enough volunteers. Thanks!