Seeking artist for map feelie & cover art

I’m in the middle of beta testing for my third game: a tropical island treasure hunt, targeted at younger players. The game includes a treasure map, and one tester suggested that, given the target audience, a map feelie might be a nice thing to include. I’m curious to talk to people who could help create such a thing.

The game is small, and the geography is simple (only 10 rooms, not all of which would appear on the map for spoilery reasons). I’m picturing something with the traditional “pirate treasure map” look. I’ve put together some cover art for the game, but it would be cool if the map designer was also up for doing cover art in a matching style.

Does this sound like a project you want to hear more about? If so, send me a message and say hello!

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Are you looking for a particular style of graphics? I know that some people here would be able to create a great looking map that looks realistic. I wouldn’t be able to do that.

Here are some samples to show where my limits are:

As you can see, I have a limited style, but if you think that style would work for your game then I might be able to help.

I wouldn’t say “realistic” is my goal, exactly. Something akin to the linked image below would be great.

For the cover art, I was thinking mostly text on the same yellowed-paper background, with perhaps some map-like detail as a graphical element. It would be especially cool if the title, “Untold Riches”, were in a cool piratical script, maybe something like:

I realize I’m saying all this without any gauge for how hard illustrations like this are to create, or how long they typically take.

You could also check out – they’re fairly active, friendly, and have a “Mapmaking requests” subforum.