Seeking Alpha Testers for "Miss Gosling's Last Case"

Miss Eglantine Gosling, 76, of Marswich Green, passed away on March 3rd after an unfortunate dog-induced accident. Miss Gosling was well-known for her long and illustrious history of crime-solving, often unravelling cases that had left the constabulary utterly perplexed, and her loss will be keenly felt throughout the county. She is survived by her nephew, Nigel Gosling…and on and on.

What utter nonsense. It wasn’t “an unfortunate dog-induced accident”, it was arsenious oxide poisoning, and if you’d managed to get to the phone in time you would have told them that yourself. You’d think that they’d put at least a token effort into investigating your death; a standard Marsh test would have given them plenty of proof.

But no. It seems that, once again, you’ll have to do the constables’ job for them, and solve the case of your own murder.

This is a lighthearted murder mystery with lots of puzzles, intended for IFComp; it should take approximately an hour to play. The format is hybrid parser/choice: most actions can be performed through hyperlinks, but there are a few places in the game where parser commands are necessary, and the parser is always available for players that prefer it.

I’ve confirmed that it’s possible to play through to 100% completion, but this is the first time anyone else has tried it, so there are certain to be lots of bugs. I’m also trying to write an Agatha Christie pastiche while being thoroughly American myself, so anyone who can correct my Americanisms (or, worse, my incorrect Britishisms) will be especially appreciated.

Content warning for genre-typical depiction of dead bodies, but there’s absolutely no gore or violence, and (given that the protagonist is the murder victim) it’s treated with a certain degree of irreverence.

If you’re interested in testing, either reply here or send me a DM, and I’ll set you up!


I stopped reading here. Count me in.


I’ll give it a go!

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Count me in, too.

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I don’t have time in my schedule right now, but if you’re planning on a second round of testing, count me in for that!

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