Seeking a second round of testers for Bigfoot Bluff

I’m looking for beta testers for my first Inform 7 game, “Bigfoot Bluff.”

You’re a Bigfoot who went to media school to become a paparazzi, and now you are trying to expose your father to the world. It is a sandbox style game where you are sneaking around the woods to earn points; once you solve enough puzzles, you win the game.

I’m hoping to get it ready in time for Parser Comp (not Spring thing anymore) and I’ll probably have a finished working product next week.

However I have no idea how long it takes to test parser games so it might have to be postponed for another comp if it is way less functional than I believe.


If you don’t want to play the game, I could also use general advice on the code if you’d like to review it. I am sure I am doing things in roundabout ways that could be done more easily, for example.

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Thanks to the 4 people who offered to test. I will get back to everyone in the coming days.

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An update: I’m looking for a second round of testers for Bigfoot Bluff, a comedy sandbox game that will either be entered in Spring Thing or (more likely) Parser Comp.

The rough alpha got a positive reception during Club Floyd with its very silly plot twist… now it is time to work out the bugs if anyone is up for that.

Some previous testers may want to play another round but more testers are welcome.


If you send me the file I may or may not be able to do at least a little bit within a week and a halfish…

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I think the boat has already sailed for this, as the game did actually end up in Spring Thing this
year (unless I’ve misunderstood and there is some late post-comp testing to do, in which case do ignore me).


Ha ha, I missed the date on that one… thanks Christopher!