Seeking a beta tester or two for a short, simple Inform 7 game

EDIT: Testers found, thanks everyone!

Hi all, I’m about to enter my first game into Spring Thing (hooray!) and it would be great to get a person or two who are familiar with parser IF enough to know how to play to give it a quick test.

The conceit: It’s nine A.M., and your (perfect, responsible) girlfriend needs (flighty, distractible) you to take the dog out. Take the Dog Out is a brief game asking you to do one simple task. It contains some mild swearing and suggestive language. I estimate play time to be about thirty minutes, though it could almost certainly be solved in less if you’re just playing in the most straightforward fashion.

Mostly, I’d like for someone to play through it once to win and once to try and break it, with transcript on, and send me the transcript to let me see where my logic or implementation might be broken. If this sounds interesting to you, please do reach out!

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This is me reaching out.

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Messaged you, thanks!

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I can do a betatest if it hasnt to be too much fast.