SeedComp! - A Small Update

The engagements we’ve seen so far with the SeedComp! has blown us away! We are so delighted at SeedComp! Strategic Headquarters Command™️ to see such creativity sprouting!

Since announced less than a week ago, 51 intents have been registered for Round 1, and we are already seeing over 30 seeds having been submitted! Not only that, but 20 people have also already signed up for Round 2!

We could not be happier to see how enthusiastic the response to our comp has been, and are truly humbled by the community’s embrace of the spirit of this Comp.
SeedComp! - Planting Round (Round 1)
SeedComp! - Sprouting Round (Round 2)


That’s great news! I was beginning to fear that we’d have too many Planters and not enough Sprouters.

Indeed, 31 seeds last time I checked. The Gardening Spirit is strong in these circles!


Er, that’s definitely not because some of us didn’t realize you needed to sign up for the two phases separately, despite clear instructions to the contrary.