Secret Letter 2.1 Deluxe

The original Silverlight version for Windows has been slightly updated and is now on for $2.99. It includes the raw glulx file copied to your desktop.

I’m still putting a slightly nicer glulx release (with hints) together which will be $1.99. That should be up shortly.


Glulx version is up.

Super. May we have the link, please? :slight_smile:

EDIT - Also, let me confirm:

  • Is this Silverlight version an updated version of the one I already have? Seeing as I have the latest version of Secret Letter.

  • Can I infer that there are two glulx files available, one bundled with the Silverlight version and one stand-alone, and that the stand-alone version is nicer than the bundled version?



I’m going to bump this because I don’t think you saw my edit. :wink:

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I thought it was preferable to edit than to double post, and sometimes triple post. I also didn’t expect DC to see my post in the few minutes between the original post and my follow-up questions.

But sure, I can cut down on edits and start double posting, if it’s better. It’s actually the one thing I disliked most about usenet, that you couldn’t edit. But it’s no big deal for me.

The embedded file is the same, but even the silverlight package will install the glulx file on your desktop. I didn’t add the separate hint file to the silverlight version, but I’ll do that now so there’s no confusion.


Note I’ve added Secret Letter to Steam Greenlight. If you’re a member, I’d appreciate an up-vote: … =371862595


I’ll admit to being disappointed that the Glulx version doesn’t contain the nice graphics, not even in a toggleable format…