Secret doors by Andrew Owen - broken or corrupt file?

When I grab the “Secret Doors” extension by Andrew Owen from it doesn’t compile. Looking at the code there are two problems, (1) weird line breaks and (2) a duplicated “when when” in two places. It looks like this:

Before doing something when when a secret door is the second noun and
second noun is unrevealed:
    print the you can't see message instead.

Is it just me having these issues? If not, surely somebody else must have noticed this since 2007 when the extension was published. The fix is simple, just fix formatting and remove the extra “when”.

It’s a known issue. I don’t know why nobody has bothered to upload a working version. (I haven’t done so, so I’m in no position to complain.)


OK, cool.

On a tangent - wouldn’t it be a good idea to host extensions somewhere - on github, perhaps? Or is there already some infrastructure out there for collaborating on extensions that I don’t know about? How would I go about to submit a bugfix to that extension?

While I really like the “Include XX by N.N.” syntax it also seems like this might hold back shared extension development. Not so much for licensing or technical reasons, more that it seems to imply and encourage a single author.

Is the Andrew Owen here on the forums the same Andrew Owen, btw?