Searching for games that needed Inform 6L02

Dear intfiction,

I’m searching for examples of Inform extensions + games that either a) depended on language features from that release (which came out 2014-05-07) or b) were noticeably easier to create (according to the author) because of that release.

The only example I have off the top of my head is my own 18 Rooms to Home, which relies on the story viewpoint change.

Do you have examples of others?

A quick review of language changes in that release:

  1. The Inform language
    5 (a). Text
    5 (b). Story viewpoint and story tense (first/second/third singular/plural, past/present/future)
    5 ©. Adaptive text (such as: say “[The noun] [are] pinned down by Dr Zarkov’s force field.”)
    5 (d). Verbs as values (such as: showme the list of verbs meaning the containment relation;)
    5 (e). Non-English Inform (with French mostly? implemented)
    5 (f). Responses (such as: The print empty inventory rule response (A) is “Your hands are, like,
    totally empty.”)
    5 (g). Variables and named constants (such as: The speed limit is always 55. and: The wolf count is initially 31.)
    5 (h). Floating-point arithmetic
    5 (i). Miscellaneous minor changes to the language
    5 (j). Removal of procedural rules
    5 (k). Removal of deprecated phrases

  2. The Standard Rules
    6 (a). Actions and the world model
    6 (b). Implicit taking
    6 ©. Story conclusion and scoring
    6 (d). Miscellaneous minor changes to the Standard Rules

…all discussed in full detail here:

Sparkle offered a choice between first and second person narrative. It was trivial in 6L02 and would have been a lot of work (i.e. would not have happened) in the previous releases.

The Intro to Beyond Division used custom Responses significantly, particular for basic verb changes for when the player is a wolf. It was 6L38, not 6L02, but doesn’t use much from 6L38 in particular. It would certainly be possible to do in a previous version but having the ability to quickly review all responses via RESPONSES ALL to see what wasn’t lupine enough really helped.

If I remember correctly, Ryan Veeder waited for 6L02 to write Dial C for Cupcakes. It changes viewpoint (between second and first person) and tense between acts.

Ascent of the Gothic Tower also changes viewpoint from first to second person–but was that even 6L02?

Counterfeit Monkey also changes the default viewpoint to first person plural but it’s 6G60 (using one of the Library Messages extensions). It wasn’t impossible in earlier versions, just difficult and unwieldy compared with the new Responses system (and thus also probably off-putting to less experienced authors).

Kerkerkruip uses the Project.materials/Extensions folder for it’s auto test server, and it makes development easier in general.

Thank you, it’s much appreciated!

(More examples welcome, if anyone stops by with more!)