Searching for a Game

Not sure if this belongs here but it seemed the best place to post my request. I’ve been searching for years to find a game from my early childhood I played with a friend. We never could beat the game either so I’d really love to find and finish it.

This was a text only adventure with no graphics as far as I remember and no other characters were present. It takes place in a house or mansion. So far the obvious house/mansion games have not been the one I’m seeking.

Key items I remember are:
The game was made before 1992 (I know, I know, this isn’t much help)
A rooftop garden with a mushroom you could pickup.
A room with a black light you could turn on - and once you did a poster would reveal writing you could read.
In the basement area there was a large room you could not cross until you found a broom that flies.

Its not much to go on and I’ve never had much luck finding this game. I understand many games like this are impossible to locate so I’m becoming less optimistic I’ll find it. However, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve always thought a game with a black light in it would be unique enough for someone to know what I’m talking about :slight_smile:


If you end up having no luck here, try the forums at

(Classic Adventure Games Solution Archive, or CASA)

With the plus that if someone there does recognise it, they probably have the game file on the site.


Sounds like The Price of Magik (or maybe one of the other Time and Magik games).

It doesn’t seem like the Time and Magik series is what I’m searching for. None of those games had a black light in a room with a poster. I will post on the other forums to continue my search.

From what I remember this game had no graphic content - just text.

Thanks for the help!