Scroll Thief Last Lousy Point


I’ve reached the end of Scroll Thief and have a score of 99 points. I looked in the Invisiclues, but the hint there didn’t tell me exactly what I should do. Could someone please tell me how to get that last point?


Hint 1: Like the Invisiclues say, try looking at the problem from a different perspective. In other words, look at the room through a scrying device.
Hint 2: In particular, watch through a scrying device while you’re somewhere else. Eventually you should see something new appear.
Hint 3: You get the Last Lousy Point by capturing that something.
Hint 4: This means (at least if you do it the intended way) you need to get it into an open container, then close that container.
Hint 5: It’ll do the first part on its own; the second part involves spells you definitely already have at this point.
Solution: Leave an open container there, then wait until the mouse goes into it, and LLEPS REZROV the container. (If you’ve played Savoir-Faire, you’ll probably recognize this reference immediately.) You might also be able to BLORB MOUSE, but I don’t actually remember if that works or not.

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Thanks Daniel. I really appreciate your help.

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I am sorry Daniel about this. I tried what you said. I waited an hour and nothing appeared. Is there anything else I need to do beforehand?

Hmm. That sounds like a bug…I just tried the same thing in the latest version, and it didn’t seem to appear for me either. The thing is supposed to have a 1/4 chance of appearing each minute, so it certainly shouldn’t take an hour.

I’ll put it on the bug tracker! I left some debug commands in the final game, so you can work around the bug like so:

Say CASKLY to turn debug mode on, then drop an object in the closet, and TP MOUSE TO [whatever object]. That’ll put it on-stage until someone enters the room again. I think everything works properly after that.

Thanks Daniel.