Scottish IF Meetup?

Hey everyone. I know I’m not the only IF writer up here, so how do people feel about some kind of Scottish IF Meet-Up? Just a one-off for now, but if there’s enough attendance/interest, we could easily make it monthly.

I could organise something in Edinburgh, if people are interested.

I’d definitely come along.

I’m probably unlikely to be able to come down from Dundee, and at best could only manage it occasionally. But yes it would be great if something starts up. Great idea!

I don’t know if he’s on this forum, but Gavin Inglis, author of Hana Feels, is @gavininglis on twitter and (as I found out when I met him at an IF event 400 miles away) lives around the corner from me in Edinburgh.

Hullo – I’ve been offline for a few days.

Great idea to have a meetup. As Robin says, we tend to meet IF people 400 miles away. I have been toying with the idea of starting some kind of interactive writers’ workshop up here; IGDA is set up across the central belt, moving between Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee, and that seems to work well. Pretty sure one or two of their regulars would take an interest.

The other interactive writer I know up here is Tom Knights (@tjknights), who did Saga of the North Wind for Choice of Games and is Glasgow-based. Graham Robertson (@onehandhighfive) also works with Failbetter and Inkle, but has recently relocated across the Atlantic.

I’ve done a few workshops with people who aren’t necessarily part of the IF community, but might be drawn to a meetup if it became a regular thing. I’ll give the thread a mention on Twitter.

How about a first meet in September once the Fringe has abated?

Works for me! I’m based in Newington but can easily get anywhere in Embra, or slightly less easily Glasgow.

September works for me! I’m in Edinburgh presently but I can relatively easily make it to a meet-up anywhere in Embra or Glasgow.