ScottFree revisited

maybe someone should revisited ScottFree source code, there’s few bugs to fix.

In Adventure #8 Pyramid of Doom, in database, some strings are like this:

As you can see, there’s is no character space between ‘into’ and ‘a’ (“intoa”), because the TRS-80 has 64 caracters per line so the character ‘a’ jump to the next line :

But in ScotFree, not:

And ScotFree with -t option (“Generate TRS80 style display (terminal width is 64 characters; a line <-----------------> is displayed after the top stuff; objects have periods after them instead of hyphens”):

An other thing, you can find that in the README of asfdcurs.tar.gz in if-archive, with a better english that me:

And it’s true.

I think it’s a good job for DavidG.