Hi, my Ectocomp 2013 entry got reviewed on the German IFWizz site. I google-translated it but the word “Schaurigkeit” remained as such.

Can anyone tell me what “Schaurigkeit” means?

abomination; abhorrence; terror; horror

Thank you! :mrgreen:

Is that a green diabolic testicle, besides the “Thank you!”?

I hope so?

Those Germans got a word for everything! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Ah, two testicles. That’s better. I was starting to worry…

Also, the causality of the original sentence is lost in this translation. What proc say there is that due to the missing background information about the characters, the game only manages to produce little horror (i.e. ‘hardly any’).

(I’m just reproducing his view, I haven’t played the game yet myself.)

Thanks. There was indeed a lot lost in the google-translation.

Many English games are wunderbar, so I try to find appropriate vocabulary for that sounding like The Funniest Joke in the World. Unfortunately my English sounds like Turkish so I prefer to leave my tongue on the dark side of the moon, and ifwizz is a site mainly to preserve German language games and to announce foreign-language ones to such an audience. Anyway, most reviews are not very interesting in the way that there are others saying the same in English. I enjoyed the Voodoo game, connect the player with something like: she took advantage of his absence and ran away with another boy what he wants to revenge, let him play a little with the Bic (“zündeln”, I don’t know any English term for that), let him cram some other stuff into the doll and you have a really good game aside from Ectocomp conditions.